Letter To Become A Career As A Family Physician In The Navy

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October 7, 2013

Dear Interviewer: I am excited to graduate from high school and pursue a career as a Family Physician in the Navy. As I end my high school career, I realize that I am more than prepared to take the next step in my life. I plan to apply for several colleges, including Howard and East Carolina University, that not only have pre-medical studies but ROTC as well. During high school, I prepared for this path by taking multiple science, health, military skills courses. This included a first aid and safety course within my high school where I earned my AED/CPR certifications as a sophomore student.

Furthermore, volunteering at Fire Station 12 has given me a good background in the medical field. It has required me to gain skills that could be the difference between someone's life or death. These experiences give me an advantage in a medical field because I will have to be prepared to diagnose or treat patients who may have health problems. In the past four years, I earned the respect of my instructors which resulted in earning the title “Inspector General” of the North Point JROTC Cadet Unit. This past September. I also earned the respect of peers. During my sophomore and junior years, I had officer positions though most of my peers did not. I credit both of these awards to my work ethic which will be an asset when I head off to college next summer. Feel free to look at my portfolio. I am most proud