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Napoleon Bonaparte

February 4th, 1806
Napoleon Bonaparte
Emperor of France
Chateau de Fontainebleau.
Paris, France. 77300
PH: 33-1-60-71-50-70

A hero is man who is greatly admired for his courageous actions and achievements. As a well qualified emperor of france and commander of the French army, I have conquered many important nations, ameliorated French society and inspired everyone in the world. I am applying for the position of hero and I believe I will be an excellent choice the job.

To begin with, I have great aspirations to expand France’s territory and increase our power in the world. I have led hundreds of thousands of men across foreign terrains and won many battles. One of my first successes took place in Italy. Equipped with a poor army of malnourished soldiers, most believed that my campaign would be a failure. However, my fighting spirit never vanished; my courage and determination convinced me I revitalized each and every one of the soldiers and managed to convince Italy that we were their allies.In the end, I successfully drove out the Austrians and obtained thousands of Italian national treasures. In 1798, I volunteered to join the Egyptian campaign to cut off British trade routes. My ingenious battle tactics worked well against the Egyptian army and they were defeated easily. The British Navy, however, had a much stronger force than ours, so I was coerced to abandon my troops. Although I avoided the battle with the Britains, I still thought of many opportunities to defeat them. Another plan I conceived is the Continental System. The system was implemented to block Britain’s trade routes by preventing Britain from trading with it’s colonies. The only way for my nation to flourish is to destroy the British empire and gain complete control of the seas. I had good intentions for France, even though the Continental system was not very useful. Furthermore, I have taken over many parts of Europe. I have won wars at Ulm, Austerlitz, and Jena. In the Battle of Austerlitz, Russia was allied with Britain. I still managed to defeat both forces, even though they had more numbers. Using my unorthodox battle strategies, “the allies were soon split into two and vigorously attacked (brittanica). Recognizing my supreme military prowess, the other countries had not choice but to sign the Treaty of Tilsit. I first signed the treaty with Russia, and Prussia and Austria obliged afterwards. This Treaty allowed me to so much territory in Europe that the European map had to be rewritten. Since I could not govern all monarchs, I gave the positions to my relatives in Italy, Naples, Spain, Sweden, Germany, and Holland. The bloodshed, the terror, the violence: I have endured it all in hopes to gain territory, prestige, and resources for France.

In addition, I am always attentive to the problems of France and I will do anything to solve these critical issues. I always say, “ a tears of a dutchess do not move me, but the sufferings of the people touch me” (brainyquote). As an advocate of the French Revolution, I support the ideas of democracy, so I have abolished many privileges of the aristocrats. Everyone should be given equal rights under the law. A country is made up of everyone’s voice, not just those with money or power. As First Consul, I have created a new set of laws called the Civil Code. People have the “right of equality under the law, the right to hold property, freedom of religion, and freedom to pursue work of one’s choice” (britannica). Citizens can enjoy” individual liberty, freedom of work, and freedom of conscience” (brittanica). Unlike the past rulers of France, such as Louis XVI, I am not prejudiced towards the lower class. All of the necessary humanitarian rights have been addressed in one of my biggest accomplishments: the Napoleonic code. Many have argued that I do not give enough rights to women, but that is not for me to decide,