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Throughout the first chapter we covered in AP Statistics, I felt generally comfortable with the material. In my opinion, the balance between instructional videos and straight learning allowed for a better understanding of the topic. Although the videos were solely for instructional purposes, they were still relatively entertaining and made the classroom experience more enjoyable. I liked how the curriculum began with the introduction to experiments; the basis of all statistics and all mathematics branched off that. In other words, I liked how each topic within the unit was an extension of the previous. For example, after learning the many types of sampling such as cluster sampling, multistage sampling, stratified sampling, systematic sampling, and simple random sampling, we learned how to employ these types of sampling in the construction of various experiments. All problems that I have encountered in statistics so far have had nothing to do with solving for variables or linear graphs; rather they are complex word problems about populations and samples. Statistics has turned out to be the complete opposite of what I thought it was going to be. Overall, I think the topics in this unit were not difficult to learn and conceptualize, yet, I sometimes found them tricky to apply to certain situations. For example, there are many ways to pick a sample size, but which way is the best? Many biases may be present but which one is the best example? I believe that the best