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Marketing Fundamentals

Cowgirl Creamery Product Strategies

Cowgirl Creamery is an artisan cheese producer offering locally grown, organic specialty cheeses. Cowgirl Cheese is a mid-size business with three retail stores where the left over portions of wholesale products sold are offered to the public. The majority of the products Cowgirl Creamery creates are sold to restaurants and other retail or grocery stores. Like many businesses, Cowgirl Creamery has felt the effects of the economic recession and is beginning to experience reduced growth. Cowgirl Creamery and its specialty cheeses have reached the maturity stage of the product life cycle. To remain a viable business, Cowgirl Creamery faces several difficult decisions to make. A
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However, the current logo and packaging is not very inviting to other larger market segments such as the average shopper. Typically, specialty cheeses are grouped together in a small area in the produce section of a grocery store. The current plain white package and small unrecognizable logo shows little to no variation from other products in the section. Cowgirl Creamery may consider keeping its current line of products in the familiar packaging to retain their specialty consumers. A multi-brand approach would allow the new brand with new features to target new segments, while not replacing the old brand specifically targeted towards the specialty consumer. The new packaging and design for the new brand should be unique and easily identified by shoppers, and that gets the attention of the shopper. Bright consumer friendly color would be an important aspect of the new features offered by the new brand as it would make the product stand out in a relatively boring and unidentifiable product section of a retail store. The obvious negative aspect of this strategy is that it would require additional production cost to produce an additional packaging element to manufacturing to go along with the current one. Currently, Cowgirl Creamery cannot receive bank loans and without the cash on hand or the ability to finance the production of new features,