Essay about Cpccbc4010A Assessment 1

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Question 1
a) What is meant by a load path?
A load path is the transfer of loads and forces from the through the building to the bottom of the building, following the most direct structural path.

b) Sketch an example of a load path from roof cladding to foundation for a brick veneer dwelling with trussed roof. Label clearly and indicate the load path with arrows. Diagram 1.b

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Question 2
Outline the roles of the following people in the design of a building:

Architect: design the building and supervise construction and cost.
Service engineer: design layouts and requirements for Environmental, Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electrical and hydraulic
Draftspersons: draws the plans

Question 3
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Why does the I- section have the biggest Ixx value?
The I section has the longest d axis

Given 3 steel beams with the above cross-sectional shapes, which would you choose if you wished to limit its deflection under load? Why? The I beam because it has about 42 times greater load bearing capacity then the other shape

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Question 7 a)
Calculate the deflection in each of the following timber beams under a distributed load of 2.0 kPa, that are spaced at 450 mm and spanning 3.7 m. I beam load on beam 2kPa = 2000 N Span of beam = 3700 K = 5/384 E = 12500 MPa I = 47x2503/12- 23.5x1253/12x2 = 53.55 106 5 2000x3700 384