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Gabby Rogers
Karen Hardin
CPD 160
21 November 2014
How Racial Discrimination Can Affect Unknowing Minorities It is a sad fact that racial discrimination is still an issue that we are dealing with in the twenty first century. Although several rules and regulations have been set in place to avoid discrimination towards minorities in areas like employment, other regulations, such as zoning laws, make it a lot harder for minorities to be able to have access to the same housing opportunities as whites. Even things like renting a home from a private owner can become a complicated task for many minorities. Because of private prejudice and discrimination, people refuse to sell or rent to people of the “wrong” race, ethnicity, or religion (Schaefer 209). A lot of the times, this type of discrimination is not obvious, and minorities are often discriminated against without them realizing it. Interestingly enough, I have a specific instance in which this happened to my family. Two years ago, as my family and I were looking around the city of Tempe in hopes to find a home to rent, we ran across a newly remodeled house that had a sign up front that was put up by a private owner, signaling that it was available to be rented. My step father (who happens to have a very thick Spanish accent) called the number, but after a short conversation about the house’s location, the landlord informed him that it was no longer available to rent. I heard the conversation over speaker phone, and I felt that something did not