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Broken Treaty Research Project
Directions: Some of the Native American nations that Takaki lists throughout this text include: Beothuk, Abenaki, Powhatan, Wampanoa, Pequot, Narragansett, Mohegan, Seneca, Delaware, Shawnee, Choctaw, Creek, Sioux, Pawnee, Susquehanna, Cherokee, and Kaskaskia. Students will choose one of these tribes (or one of many others listed at http://www.native languages.org/original.htm) to research.

Hint: Search for maps that show the territory of the tribe before white settlement. What was their population? How has the size and location of that territory changed since then? What is that tribe’s current population?

My research will focus on...(your treaty):
Research Essay Requirements
1. Begin with a hook that will immediately draw the reader in. Discuss the purpose of your paper, what you will be explaining and why it is important (Introduction)
2. Explain the background of the Native tribe in detail. (Body Paragraph 1)
3. Identify past and present tribal territory, including; geographic features such as rivers, mountains, canyons, plateaus, boundaries, etc. (Body Paragraph 2)
4. Choose and describe a “treaty” between the Native tribe and European settlers that has since been broken. (Casey will help you find a specific treaty, tell him when you have selected a tribe to research!)
a. Describe the requirements for both groups stated by the treaty. (Body Paragraph 3)
b. Explain how one or both parties failed to abide by the requirements of the treaty. (Body Paragraph 4 )
5. Analyze the process by which the U.S. (or other colonial power) interacted with the Native tribe(s). (Body Paragraph 5)
6. Describe the current territory and demographic characteristics of your chosen tribe. Evaluate how the tribes historical experience has influenced their current situation. (Body Paragraph 6)
7. Sum up your findings and why unbiased historical inquiry has been important to analyzing modern day societies, events, policies, etc. Conclude with final deep thought concerning your topic!!

Purpose: Why is your historical research important for understanding the world we live in today? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________