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CPR Project: 1
For my first project, I created a small scrapbook/story book with pictures of my recent trip to Mexico last year with my family. We spent a total of seven days in Mexico not including the days of arriving and leaving. We arrived three days before Thanksgiving and left four days after Thanksgiving.
This was important because it gave me the opportunity to experience Spanish culture in an actual Hispanic country. We went to Mexico because we own a boat in P.V. and visit often. This project connects to Mexican culture because we were in Mexico. It relates to the culture because for a little more than a week, I lived with Hispanic people. This trip helped me understand numerous words of Spanish vocabulary and phrases because people their corrected me and helped me with my speaking.
I learned many new words in Spanish; I learned about Mexican money, and much more. I felt very proud of myself and surprised about how much Spanish I understood and could comprehend. I recommend going to Mexico to any of my fellow students and classmates because it gives that student the opportunity to connect with Spanish culture.

CPR Project: 2
I watched a Hispanic program called, ”Cosas de las Vida’s” with my mom in our family room from eight o’ clock to nine o’ clock past midnight. The program was an hour long and was very similar to The Oprah Winfery Show but in Spanish.
This was important because I have never watched Spanish television in my entire life and it was a very new experience. I watched