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AHVL-D-BN-E 16 October 2012

MEMORANDUM FOR Maintenance Company, 1-7th ADA, Fort Bragg, North Carolina 28310 SUBJECT: Maintenance Company, 1-7th ADA Command Philosophy

1. PURPOSE: To provide guidance to all members of the Maintenance Company, 1-7th ADA regarding our focus METL, and leader expectations.

2. GENERAL. I am honored to be joining the Maintenance Company. Our mission is a critical one which directly impacts on the Army’s ability to accomplish its’ overall mission fighting and winning our nations war’s. Therefore, it is imperative that everyone clearly understand our mission and the means by which we will accomplish it.

3. First you must realize up front that our legacy rest solely in our capability to provide quality Soldiers for our Army. As a unit, we are not only judged by our parent organization but external units worldwide depend on us to sufficiently perform our mission to help secure our nation’s defense. We as an organization must be competent, confident, disciplined, trained, and motivated to function as a productive unit. The following is not meant to be an all-inclusive list but rather a framework to assist each member of our team to work together to accomplishment the daily mission.

4. The reason the Maintenance Company exists is to train our Soldiers and to provide the very best mechanical service support to our Battalion. It will be my duty as the Maintenance Company Commander to instill the warrior ethos, military discipline, and to provide a safe and secure environment in which all Soldiers will perform their duties. Remember our Maintenance Company Soldiers are vital to the Army’s mission. We will train like we fight; we must ensure training events are well planned and executed for maximum effect. Careful scheduling of events and flexibility are paramount in ensuring a key resource (time) is used wisely.

5. The Army Standards are the Maintenance Company standards. The Maintenance Company trains to Army standards and not to time. Close of business is not a timed event; it is when the mission is complete to standards.

6. I am a gregarious type of person; I will interact with my Soldiers daily and require subordinate leaders to do the same. Always have an open mind, be candid, and tactful in public and behind closed doors. I do not like surprises, so come and let me know if there is any disturbing news. The 1SG is my representative and speaks on my behalf. Listen to him!

7. Continue to improve and sustain the Maintenance Company as a world-class organization. Do not become complacent, that is when errors are made and Soldiers are hurt. Be proactive and determine what you and the Maintenance Company can do to improve.

8. Set conditions, plan, prepare, execute, and make an assessment, but most importantly think before you act. Expect mission friction. Change is constant, be agile and flexible. Failure is not an option. Know and show what “Right looks like” (BE/KNOW/DO)

AHVL-D-BN-E SUBJECT: Maintenance Company, 1-7th ADA Command Philosophy

9. Conduct on and off duty will be governed by the tenants of our Army values:
a. Loyalty-both up and down the chain
b. Duty-first and always
c. Respect-treat others as you want to be treated
d. Selfless service-Personal needs subdued