Craft Moves In Ray Bradbury's Short Story 'The Veldt'

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Craft Moves Essay

Ray Bradbury focused on multiple craft moves in his short story “The Veldt” such as imagery, similes, and personification to help the reader create a movie in their head. I think he includes many other craft moves in the story, but I think that these contribute the most to the reader seeing and imagining the story in their head. “The Veldt” is about a room that changes into whatever setting you want. But when it turns into and African Veldt, it doesn’t want to turn back. Because of this, the lions start to become too real to the family living there.
Ray Bradbury uses imagery to help the reader picture what he’s writing. Some of the concepts in “The Veldt” I found confusing, but because of his descriptive writing, I was
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An example of this is “The nursery was silent. It was empty as a hot jungle glade at high noon.” This quote is just one of the many similes Bradbury includes in his story. Another example is “That sun. He could feel it on his neck still, like a hot paw.” His use of a simile here helps show the intensity and heat of the sun weighing down on George. Since some things in “The Veldt” can be confusing, the similes in the story give you something to compare them to. Ray Bradbury uses personification in the story to help give objects more life. For example, he makes the house seem like a kind of caregiver that knows what you want and takes your responsibilities away by doing everything for you. He also gives more of a personality to the nursery when it starts to defy his orders and stay on the African Veldt. Overall, Ray Bradbury used many craft moves in “The Veldt” some of which include imagery, similes, and personification. These all play a big role in how the reader imagines what they’re reading. For me, I always need to be able to imagine what’s happening, and I could in this story. By using these craft moves either throughout the story, or only once, Bradbury really helped me visualize the story as a movie in my