Craigslist Case Study Answers

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-A CASE STUDY OF pvt ltd.
This case study is focused on a totally different aspect of online classified, a online site that only deals with the used items for status goods at very reasonable prices and a channel for direct interaction between customers who are in both the roles of seller and buyers. The birth of the online classifieds industry actually happened in 1995 when Craig Newmark started Craigslist as an email distribution list for friends and co-workers publicizing events in the San Francisco Bay Area. The subscriber list grew rapidly through word of mouth and an online community began to form. In 1996, Craigslist became a web based service and for many years it was the only known name
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Apart from Craigslist there are many other players in the industry who are either global or local depending on their strategy. One of the major participant in the online classifieds industry is OLX which differs from the rest of the competition by focusing on developing economies which have tremendous scope for growth in the next five years. is an Indian online classified site which serves as a platform to connect buyers and sellers who wish to buy, sell, exchange or trade used goods and services, by posting a Free Ad on the website. People could use this classifieds platform to search for any product that they want to buy directly from individuals. OLX has been immensely successful over the years and has pioneered the concept of C2C selling in India by introducing the concept of buying and selling of second hand and pre-owned goods directly between individuals. OLX is an ad-supported model where they run sponsored links on the listing pages. So this case study has been developed by keeping in view the need to study OLX online classified, reason for formation of these site with latest shopping transition. Complete analysis of the business opportunities of OLX …show more content…
Reaction from TV Ad fight of OLX:

OLX began its TV Ad fight in 2011, the notices are clear, characteristic, interesting and loaded with amusingness, the greater part of the promotions are focused around day by day life, such as purchasing an infant bunk for child, purchasing another auto supposing it is little contrasted with neighbor, offering a bicycle to purchase another one, thousand dad promotion and others are exceptionally prevalent in OLX TV notice