Cranky Old Men Essay

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Dream journal
July 22 2013

On my left hand my fingertips were missing. I could see the bone. It was my ring finger I think. I loosely remember being or seeing Joe’s house. More of my finger fell off I remember showing people on a bench. An ambulance was called. It was fixed with stitches I think. Another fingertip fell off. Same thing happened. It was my guitar fretting fingers.

July 23

I was with Alex. Something was going on….something to do with water. After we were downtown somewhere outside a nightclub and we were looking in through the glass doors into the nightclub and people were coming up some stairs and someone in a costume like you see in Disney land y’know. I was terrified. I hid and after it was all most outside we ran to a different nightclub to avoid the costume dude. For some reason I was then running through all these yards. They were some red necks yards. After I was near a shed in a park and there was some black guy and I tackled him. I must’ve warped out of my body because I could see the black guy and someone on him like they just tackled him. I choked him then went somewhere else. I was outside a house. I knew who was inside because him and I were good friends. I actually have no idea who it was. Something was going on and he came out and we started fishing. I forget the rest

July 24
I couldn’t remember anything.
July 29
I was in a car with my parents. We were floating or on a railway or something. We were passing through a house that I…