Crash: Anger and Body Language Essay

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Natalia Ramirez
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Communication 101

The movie and The issues of the characters with communication

The movie " Crash" takes place in La, California. In a diverse cultural, ethnical, racial, and blended community. With all these diverse co cultures, in a macro system in which the characters live their lives in and ultimately collide ,and "Crash" affecting each others lives directly and indirectly like a butterfly effect, Due to pure poor communication, not listening/receiving , or sending/ verbally non verbal messages, as body language ,actions, and symbolism. The beginning of the move literally begins with a crash, the male detective Gram who is
(African American )says to his partner Ria (who is Puerto Rican and Salvadorian) " it's the sense of touch. in any real city, you walk you know? you brush past people in L.A nobody touches you, we're always behind metal and glass.I think we miss that touch so much that we 'crash" into each other , just so we can feel something". ,

The person who crashed into Gram and Ria's car was short Asian woman called Kim Lee.
She was on the way to the hospital to see her injured husband this was not revealed till the end of the movie. Kim was furious her facial expression( anger) body language (flaring of the hands) tone of voice (high pitched screams) and condescending racial remarks about Rias driving( due to her ethnicity all portrayed these negative messages to the receiver ). Kim stated "All Mexicans

[Last Name] 2 don’t know how to drive, you brake to soon" ( in a heavy Asian accent it sounded like Blake ) In

response Ria ( the receiver of these verbal and non verbal messages) stated an equally demeaning message " If you could see over your steering wheel (mocking her physical appearance and English) you would be able to see me BLAKE!"
I fell that Grams statement at the beginning of the movie relates directly to communication because we as humans are social beings , As it has been a proven fact that we need touch and stimuli as stated by many psychologist in their social learning theories, such as
Erickson. The worst punishment in jail is also solitary confinement, as stated by my communications professor.
In this film the characters also were blinded sided stereotyping each other the pre conceived idea of a race, culture, ethnicity, or appearance basically judging people before even knowing them. Unfortunately just because one person of a certain race acts or carries them self in negative way does not mean ALL the people of that race are the same which can also define the root of stereotyping, an the ethnocentricity portrayed by each and all of theses characters.

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The cast in this movie includes a Caucasian housewife Jean ( Sandra bullock) who's husband Rick is a District attorney also running for a second term. As they ae walking out of a restaurant to their car the wife clenches her purse and her husband, because she saw two stereotypical "bad black men", The older one Anthony( played by Ludacris a famous rap star)becomes enraged feeling stereotyped and racism in the body language displayed by the wife , and influences the second African American minor to high jack their car with a gun, The minor Peter is impressionable he is around 16 or 17 years old he is also the younger so they steal the Cadillac and ironically become the stereotype that they don’t want to be . Peter is also the younger of gram who as I mentioned is the detective.
The robbery directly and emotionally effects Jean , and socially can have the potential to affect on rick so as they change the locks there, the Hispanic locksmith Daniel is judged by his first appearance. Jean immediately makes remarks to rick about his tattoos and stereotypes him as a gang member that will rob them and "sell the home keys to his HOMIES" ,not realizing he is a hard working person that is trying to get his daughter