Crash: Race and Black Young Man Essay examples

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Group and race
After watching the film----crash, the theme of race left in my mind. The film selected several scenes of car crashing and depicted the stories behind each accident.
One of the stories left me a deep impression, which was about a white police and a black man. The white police Hanson was not a racist and he had his individual conscious of race. However, when a black young man Peter was picked up by Hanson, Hanson misunderstood him and killed him. The tragedy happened because Hanson was actually influenced by the social conscious of racism. The thought that black people are dangerous was deeply in his mind. When Peter firstly got on the car, Hanson started to look him up and down, trying to figure out if he was as dangerous as the old sayings. Unfortunately, when Peter tried to pull something out of his pocket, Hanson instinctively thought Peter was going to pull out a gun. Peter finally died under Hanson’s gun, but also under the influence of racism.
The problem related to race has been existed for a long time. People are divided into several different groups by races. People from the same group always get along well to each other. However, people from different groups are less likely to be friendly to each other. The groups, serving as shackles, limit people’s relationship with the other. This is because people’s own group gives him or her too much negative information about the other, for example, the society Hanson lived in. The negative social conscious