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William Bagley
Shane Wallace
25 March 2015
Crawfish Boil Instructional Recipe

Have you ever wondered to yourself what does it take to boil crawfish? In Louisiana it is a proud tradition of ours as residents of the state, that we celebrate every year. From late February to early June we get to enjoy these succulent creatures from the swampland and bayou’s of Louisiana. The Indians who lived in the marsh were the first to start consuming crawfish. When the Cajuns settled in Louisiana, they learned from the Indians on how to catch and cook the crawfish. It did not become commercialized until the late 1800’s, when nets where invented and made harvesting crawfish a lot easier. Crawfish used to be deemed a poor mans food, but today it has become a 120 million dollar industry. Now let’s move to what it takes to have a crawfish boil, what ingredients it takes, and the process of cooking the delicious crustacean. When you are preparing for a crawfish boil there are a few pieces of equipment you are going to need to acquire. You are going need a sixty-quart boiling pot, a propane tank with outside burner, a sixty-quart ice chest, and a small ice chest. You are also going to need knives and cutting boards to the vegetables and sausage. When the crawfish are done boiling, you are going to need sixteen pounds of ice. Lets move onto the ingredients of the boil. Now everyone is going to have different ingredients for the boil, it differs from person to person depending on how spicy or not spicy you like your crawfish. You are going to need to go to your local market and pick up fresh whole mushrooms, four lemons, three pounds of Fruge’s original seafood boil, six-pack of cold beer, thirty pounds of live crawfish (one sack), eight small onions, eight small red potatoes, eight ears of corn, eight cloves of garlic, and maybe a second six-pack of cold beer. Now that you have all the ingredients for a perfect boil, lets get down to the cooking process. All right now that you have gathered all the equipment necessary and ingredients for the boil, let’s get down to the cooking aspect of it. Next you need to fill the boiling pot halfway with fresh water, place the pot on top of the outside burner, and start the fire. You want to place the lid on the pot and bring the water to a boil. While you are waiting for the pot to boil, rinse the crawfish with fresh water until the water drained is clear of dirt. Crack open a beer if you haven’t already and give one to a friend while you wait for the pot to boil. Once the pot is at a boil you want to add one pound of Fruge’s Original Seafood Boil to the water and let it mix in the water for about a minute. You want to cut the onions in half, and the potatoes. Add them to the boil along with the garlic. Keep…