Crazy Creepy Commercials Essay

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Crazy Creepy Commercials What do commercials do anyways? They don’t make me buy stuff. In fact, I think that only companies who think they’re not good enough use commercials on TV. Although there are a lot of amazing companies who also use TV to advertise, the adverts don’t pop up as often as the ones that just don’t fail to make you run out the door. They waste approximately thirty seconds of your precious time and life (and probably make you miss some important parts of the show you’re watching as well)! Let’s take the Sheila’s Wheels advert for example. This forty second long advert doesn’t ever fail to give you a headache. This advert is one of the top adverts in the sense of popping up the most times. It is, according to some comments on the YouTube video featuring this advert, ‘an absolute waste of time, memory and money.’ Wastes time and memory for us, money for the production team. It is unbearable to listen to. The song just keeps ringing in your ears like a bell and wants you to listen to it, get hypnotized and do what it says... CREEPY! Not only the sound but the sight is also devastating. There is so much PINK in the picture that your eyes hurt. It makes me want to NOT go to Sheila’s Wheels even more. For that matter, the Easy off Bam advert isn’t any good either. The song always makes me ill! The camera is wobbly and to cover this they have made the shots repeat. The song has so much repetition that it sounds as if you are trying make a baby call out the words. The animation is the old style animation with the screen cutting into four parts and displaying different things that it can clean and then the Easy off Bam logo pops-up with a huge BANG, “and the dirt is gone,” says a male voice after that. Original, isn’t it? Some advertisements are totally racist. Like the McDonalds advert for example, has two black people come in and all the staff start talking about chocolate and mentioning that they have