Crazy Horse Memorialization

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Memorialization of important people and events are fairly usual in modern society. Whether it be a painting, statue, song, or building dedication, monuments are seen as a honoring of one’s achievements or a payment of homage to one’s sacrifices. When preparing to memorialize an event or person, the responsible group or agency should closely consider the location, size, and purpose of the monument in order to largely decrease possibilities of controversy and backlash. The need to choose a specific location to memorialize events or people is complex; in some cases, the location can be seen as random, as the person or event being memorialized could have been or taken place somewhere entirely different, while in other cases, the location of a …show more content…
Memorials are most commonly established to remind people of a person or event, however, there are other things one can memorialize. In an article titled “Waiting for Crazy Horse” written by Lawrence Downes, Downes presents an example of the importance of closely considering the purpose of a memorial by dissecting the controversy regarding a man’s carving of a South Dakota peak into a mounted likeness of Crazy Horse, the great Sioux leader, and ultimately proving that to build a memorial, one must have a concrete purpose first. In the article, Downes states, “I came away reminded that eternity is not on our side” (Downes). Downes says this in order to share the purpose with the audience before elaborating to seduce them into reading more. Downes also states, “When all is lost to rust and rot, what remains may be two enormous granite oddities i the Great Plains: Four men’s heads mysteriously huddle cheek to cheek- a forgotten album cover and, far bigger, a full-formed Indian on a horse, his eyes ablaze, his long arm pointing out over his beloved Black Hillis” (Downes). He says this to not only elaborate on his previous statement but to also establish the importance and impact a memorial can have on a person when the memorial is created with a purpose in mind.
Memorialization is one of the greatest forms of flattery, honor, and pride, however, the steps that must be taken in order to successfully memorialize someone or something is complex. The responsible group and agency should know memorialization should commemorate a famous or notable person or event. The group or agency should also consider the location, size, and purpose of the memorial closely to reduce the chance of backlash and