Create An Online Site To Market And Sale High Quality Human Hair Extensions

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Business Description

Create an Online site to market and sale high quality human hair extensions

Provide valuable resources to consumers to help them reach their personal beauty goals Help beauty salons get an edge on their competition, Lavish Hair Imports gives you the ability to change your look and take your hair from dull and lifeless to long, luxurious and beautiful! Add length, volume or Just because you want a little extra sass!

Currently working on an up and coming Online store called Lavish Hair, also hoping to find some business advisers and sales personnel to accomplish Our goals in the summer of 2015. We plan to launch an appealing site to market and sell our human hair extensions.Part of our goal is to promise after you install our product, you will no longer look elsewhere for your extension needs. We also plan to import to local beauty supply stores and salons.

Human hair extensions are a luxury to women across the U.S. Our target audience will be women of all ages and all ethnicities.Our prices will be fair, and quality hair is our first priority. To complement our primary product, we would also like to offer supplies that maximize the usage of the product which includes but is not limited to heated styling equipment, hair treatments and beauty supplies. This will ensure the customer is aware of all ways to style and treat their hair product. Some problems we see our consumers face is limited funds, poor product quality and a lack of knowledge on the product Our prices will not only be fair