Analysis Of Romeo And Juliet

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Prior to Act II Scene III, after balcony scene

Shakespeare – Romeo and Juliet
(Romeo is walking down the street, distracted and preoccupied thinking about Juliet and what is going to happen after the marriage ceremony. Moments later a young man walks towards him and upon recognising him, stops suddenly and begins talking to the Romeo.)
Alphonse – Romeo is that you? Is it really you (He grabs Romeo’s arm, to attract his attention?)
Romeo – Alphonse? It has been years! (He grabs Alphonse into a hug)
Alphonse – (hugging Romeo) Romeo how have you been, and what have you been doing for all these years?
Romeo – (ending hug) I was only just about to ask you the same thing my friend.
Alphonse – Well I have been traveling all around the world seeing new things and encountering new ideas, I have found myself a lovely wife and am coming home for a couple of days to tell my family of the great news!
Romeo – Oh well you have been busy, I have only just found the love of my life, and I am going to Friar Lawrence to prepare a wedding in secret so that we may be together in marriage.
Alphonse – (Showing excitement) Ah I see that you have been rid of that wicked witch Rosaline and have moved on to a new girl! And what would be the name of this new lady?
Romeo – Her name is Juliet and I think that I am madly in love with her!
Alphonse – Well my friend I would ask if you would like to meet my wife but unfortunately she is not with me.
Romeo – That is alright Alphonse, as judging from how many years we have been friends, I can already tell that she is quite a beauty, I would too let you meet my soon to be wife, but I cannot as she is part of the Capulet family.
Alphonse – Romeo, surely that you know that is a death wish! Your family and theirs have been fighting for years on end, and yet you still manage to fall in love with the daughter of the enemy?
Romeo – I know Alphonse but I cannot say no as our love for each other is strong.
Alphonse – Well Romeo I know you too well, that you will make the right choice.
Romeo – Thank you friend, I haven’t had many people say something as kind as that today.
Alphonse – I always know what to say at the right times don’t I.
Romeo – You do my friend. You do.
Alphonse – (Laughing) well now Romeo how do you think your wedding will go?
Romeo – I think it will go splendidly well, I do believe nothing horrible will happen, and I do hope I will live with her happily until the day we die.
Alphonse – Me too Romeo I wish you the very best wedding.
Romeo – You’re too kind to me friend, I haven’t had anyone be quite as kind to me for quite some time.
Romeo – Alphonse my friend, I have something I must ask…..
(Romeo starts to think about what he is going to say then starts to look worried after thinking the worst of could happen after the marriage.)
Alphonse – What is it friend?
Romeo – What if everything doesn’t go as planned, what if I end up dying or worse?
Alphonse – Romeo, my friend I have known you for quite some time why do you worry with the future when all you should be worrying about is the present?
Romeo – It’s just that, if I’m to be getting married today then what happens if I die only an hour later, what happens if I am found with Juliet and she and I and taken away from each other forever? Oh Alphonse why do I worry so much?
Alphonse – Romeo, it is because you are in love. You are worrying about these things because love is in your heart.
Romeo – but, what if I die and Juliet is left a widow? What if she has to kill herself just because I made the mistake of falling in love with the daughter of the enemy?
Alphonse – that will never happen friend that’s not what will happen. You will marry her and you will be happy with her and you will never ever regret your decision.
Romeo – Oh friend woe is me I wish