Creating and Ethernet VLAN Essay

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Creating an Ethernet VLAN
(For use with MI424WR Rev A-D, Firmware

This document provides directions for creating a VLAN, and dedicating one Ethernet port on the MI424WR’s built in switch for its use.

Part 1 – Creating the VLAN Ethernet Interface
1. Login to the BHR and navigate to ‘My Network’ then ‘Network Connections’
2. At the bottom of the ‘Rule Name’ column click the red ‘Add’
3. Select the underlying device, normally, ‘Network (Home/Office)’ and click ‘Next’
4. Assign the VLAN an ID, can be any number between 1 and 4094 and click ‘Next’
5. On the Summary, add a check-mark for ‘Edit the Newly Created Connection’ and click ‘Finish’
6. On the new connection, at Internet Protocol, select ‘Use the following IP Address’ and enter a LAN IP address for this interface
a. (example) IP Address –
b. (example) Subnet Mask –
7. At DNS Server, select ‘Use the following DNS Server Addresses’
a. (example) Primary –
b. (example) Secondary –
8. At IP Address Distribution, select ‘DHCP Server’
a. (example) Start IP Address –
b. (example) End IP Address –
c. (example) Subnet Mask –
9. Click ‘Apply’ at the button of the page to save the configuration
10. Back in ‘Network Connections’, select the new rule to edit it, it may be named
‘Ethernet 2’, rename it ‘VLAN x’ (x = the VLAN ID number) if you wish, and click
‘Apply’ to save the change

Part 2 – Dedicating the Ethernet Port on the Switch
11. In ‘Network Connections’ again, click the ‘Advanced’ button
12. In the ‘Network (Home/Office)’ section click ‘Ethernet’ to edit it
13. Click the ‘Settings’ button
14. On ‘4 Ports Ethernet Switch’ select ‘Show’
15. Open and edit the port (1-4) that you want to assign the VLAN to
16. In ‘Port Settings’ change the ‘Ingress Policy’ to ‘Tagged