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Creating Conceptual Art
June 15, 2015

Creating Conceptual Art
Creating conceptual art is finishing touch most artist are attempting to convey. The art is composed into different types of conceptual art media. Most of which we incorporate into our daily living. Types such as photography, film, video, computer, and media. The idea is to create a piece of art that will capture attention to give the audience the experience and feeling of the artist. Any time of art will always share a feeling of the finished product with the audience, art will always share some type of feeling with the audience by incorporating elements together. Artist use bold colors,soft shades, shapes, or really bold lines. What the artist is trying to convey is a feeling, a message by incorporating the most profound detail on their art.
In 1988, a very famous painting, Yasumasa Morimura's Portrait (Futago) typical example of the portrait (Futago) intentionally based on Eduard Manet's Olympia(1863), a master piece of western canon. Morimura imitate Manet's historic masterpiece by recreating the scenes of 'Olympia' through wearing wig, make-up and creating the similar setting. His work lead to the reflection of the Japanese artists' role under the western influence and the gender identity.The Yasumasu Morimura’s Portraited a picture of two people in interpretation of twins.
Morimura has posed himself as both Manet’s Olympia, her maid, manipulating the photograph with computer in his studio. On the other hand, like Japanes culture as a whole, he is copying the icons of Western culture. The pose represents the attention drawn because the courtesan and made her maid share the same identity,both essentially slaves to the dominant “male” forces of Western society. He places Japanese culture and in particular the Japanese male in the same position, prostitute and slave to the West.

The vary famous painting in 1988, was reserve the message of self-awareness. In that era the transformation of the Morimura’s and her maid transcribed equality. Art raised awareness or self-identity for those that can relate.
Transformation of Image
The historic even in which the image was painted recorded a message that was a current event at the time painted. This image will later be a symbol for many and will be displayed on an art gallery visited by many followers who share the same symbolic value. The image represented comfort, understanding, and was voice for many. Now, in the 21st Century, gender,sex, nudity, and drama is exposed to society. Reality shows are exposed through media by sharing and recording the lives of real live people. Productions such as BET, Oxygen, ABC, etc. and although it is doubt the reason behind these big productions but the reality is people are judged and criticized about sexual identity.
Through the image I read equality, belonging, freedom, and understanding. In the image both faces share the same representation, the same identity, a union as one. The idea has been known and the message will continue to be passed down from generation to generation. After analyzing the image and its message it reminded me of society. Friend,family, and even famous celebrities exposing their sexuality to the world. The male in the painting is wearing a wig, woman shoes and is posing naked positioning his body just like a woman’s body is would be angled when posing. The resemblance of the message of the image and my personal opinion coincide. The revelation of many famous and none-famous individuals of allowing the world to know their true sexual identity.

The world can be very judgmental when opening up about the change of sexual orientation. Many people in the world are programed to believe a male and woman were maid for one another by the creation of god. A male and a male is a couple as it is a woman and a male. The gay community has grown and are fighting for acceptance. Nobody is perfect, every single human being is in title to