Creating Your Mission Statement Essay

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Creating Your Mission Statement

Spend at least two to three minutes answering each of the following questions. Take your time and be thoughtful; don't hurry.

What are your values? If we asked those closest to you what was most important to you, what would they say? Friendship? Justice? Peace? Hard work? Write as much as you can.
My Values are that you have to be nice even through thick and thin. They would say loyalty and honesty are our biggest values. They believe if you stay loyal you will be successful. And with honesty, if you tell the truth you will not get in trouble.

What are your ultimate goals? If you knew for sure you would succeed and if there were no barriers of time, money, or skill, what would you do with your life? Be honest and dream big here; the sky is the limit. Write down as much as you want.
My Ultimate Goal is to Go to college and be a Registered Nurse. I love helping people feel better, that why I volunteer at a local hospital and help patients. I would want to travel the world and see all the amazing sites. I would love to see where my heritage comes from.

What brings you joy? Think about the times in your life when you were most happy. What were you doing? Who were you with? Write down as much as you can.
What brings me joy is when my family is altogether. It was when I and my extended family went to Disneyland to hang out and have fun. I was going on rides, eating cotton candy, and getting splashed by water a lot. My family included me,