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Great Northwest Hunting and Fishing Lodge | * | July 29, 2012 | Professor Christopher ZombasKeller Graduate School of Management |

Statement of Purpose
The Great Northwest Hunting and Fishing foremost mission is providing a gathering place for hunting, fishing and shooting enthusiasts.
In Yakima, WA there are many places to go out hunting and fishing, there are hotels available along the way, but none that cater to the sportsmen’s. The goal of The Great Northwest Hunting and Fishing Lodge is to allow them to come together for individuals and families to have a place to share experiences and have fun at the same time.
The only company in Yakima that caters to the sportsman is The Evening Hatch, but they are strictly fly fishing off 5 different rivers (The Evening Hatch, 2009). The Columbia River, Rimrock Lake, Banes Lake, Naches River, Methow River, and other tributaries offer great fishing where people can bank fish or take their own boats out. But the best fishing has been said to be in the middle areas of each location and for those who do not have boats, it is harder for them to get to those spots. This is because with the use of sonar, fishermen are able to find the school of fish much better (Guillard, Balay, Colon, & Brehmer, 2010). The Great Northwest Hunting and Fishing Lodge will have charters that will go out on certain days to each location for those who are interested. There is also a wide range of hunting, when in season, that will allow for hunters to have a place to stay during certain times of the year.
The Great Northwest Hunting and Fishing Lodge will be unique because there is no other lodge in the area that offers the same activities.
The value created for the customers of The Great Northwest Hunting and Fishing Lodge will be what is offered for each guest when they stay here. From horseback riding, lesson on bow hunting and riffle hunting, to fishing lessons for beginners and more advanced lessons for those who want to increase their skills. With the unique restaurant that will offer great home cooked food and the guests the opportunity to cook their catches will add an additional value to those who are unable to travel very far with their catches and want to enjoy it right away.
One of the big key successes to The Great Northwest Hunting and Fishing Lodge is that when guests stay here, they will have package deals on charters and other events. The special rates for guests will get them to return and tell their friends and family about our great deals. The special rates and charters will be specifically for our guests during peak sessions, while other guests who do not stay at the Lodge will have their own special rates for groups and children.
Description of the business
“Total Quality Management is built on a foundation of ethics, integrity and trust. It fosters openness, fairness and sincerity and allows involvement by everyone. This is the key to unlocking the ultimate potential of TQM. These three elements move together, however, each element offers something different to the TQM concept.” (Padhi, 2010)
The vision and goals of The Great Northwest Hunting and Fishing Lodge is for the guests to have an exceptional experience while enjoying the great outdoors. This can only be done by employing people who have an appreciation for fishing, hunting and the outdoors in general. By offering different activities to the guests the objective is to have very guest leave happy and wanting to return. With TQM there is a relationship of steps that much work together in order to achieve the best TQM possible.

1. Ethics 2. Integrity 3. Trust 4. Training 5. Teamwork 6. Leadership 7. Recognition 8. Communication

These eight elements are key in ensuring the successful TQM in the Lodge or any organization. Without them the Lodge will not be successful!
The Great Northwest Hunting and Fishing