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Child Abuse Evaluation

HCA 260

Case 1: Dirty House
This case does not seem to be constituted as child abuse. There remains to be no substantial evidence of physical child abuse. Maybe being unsanitary for the children by allowing them to live in a home consisting of bugs and animal feces. Long term problems of health risks could accumulate over time and that seems to be the biggest issue at hand currently. Also I would suggest the parents to apply healthier eating habits for the children to abide by. Since the kids are healthy as of now, with no physical signs of abuse I would rule out charging anyone with child abuse as of yet.
Case 2: Massage Parlor Case
The case appears to be slightly more complex in determining the report of being child abuse. I would not report it because it seems to not be affecting the child currently. Being raised in this setting for a child, becomes somewhat stressful and cause emotional issues later on in life. The people coming in and out of the parlor could also remain to be very bad influences later on in life, being exposed to this kind of behavior and drug use can certainly push the child in an unwanted direction. Since there is or have not been any reports made about physical or sexual abuse I would not file now but, the parents should express other activities for after school.
Case 3: Truancy Child
Since the child was known for not going to school, the parent deciding to forcible hit the child with a strap, certainly needs to be reported as child abuse. Average punishments for this nature normally relates to grounding, privileges revoked, or chores. With the child being beaten and marks being left for long periods of time, I would definitely report this. Punishing the child was necessary but, this kind of