Creating A Plan For Positive Influence

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Creating a Plan for Positive Influence
June 10, 2013

Team work is defined as “work done by a number of associates with usually each doing a clearly defined portion but all subordinating personal prominence to the efficiency of the whole” (teamwork). The goal is to create a common ground while working with each other to solve a problem. This paper will discuss creating a plan for positive influence. It will address the differences in attitudes, emotions, personalities, and values as well as how each difference influences behavior. Finally, it will discuss how those differences will positively influence the team. With each member of a team or group, aattitudes, emotions, personalities, and values are different but do not prevent them from working with each other and completing a task. Attitudes capture the feelings and thoughts about an individual’s specific organization and job. When compared to values, attitudes can be positive or negative view of a person, event, place, or thing. Most attitudes are the result of an experience or learned by observing. A negative attitude can be the result of a negative experience. To reduce tension, people have been known to change their attitudes to reflect their actual behaviors or other beliefs. Emotions are the feelings an individual has about the organization in which he or she working for. In order to do a good job, and enjoy it, an individual must feel comfortable in their environment. Positive emotions can have a negative effect on an individual’s behavior just as well as negative emotions can. When certain emotions are stirred, points of views become biased and emotions and the stimulant that triggered it becomes the focus. Personality traits are characteristics that describe an individual’s behavior. The characteristics are the result of the environment or heredity that influences satisfaction and well-being at work. (Greguras & Diefendorff, 2010). Personality types must be diverse in an organization. Individuals who manage should have an upbeat, positive, outgoing, and social personality to encourage subordinates to be productive. It is critical that an organization have leaders who possess characteristics that will positively reflect on the company’s image. An individual with a positive personality has an increased probability of promotion, good performance and success. Positive individuals are motivated and create opportunities favorable for themselves and their organization. (Greguras & Diefendorff, 2010) The need to succeed and values effect their motivation to reach their goal. Values are an individual’s beliefs that he or she develops while growing up, living, and experiencing. Values provide individuals with the foundation to choose and make decisions. Values are affected by family, work performance, culture, expectations, and commitments. How strong the desire is to achieve personal or professional