Creation Myth Essay

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Long ago, before there was any light, the world was young and dark. There was one woman and one man, they were in love and lived together deep in a cave. Each morning they made a fire and several torches, the two of them lived by the dim light of fire. The woman was very selfish and only thought of herself, but the man was still deeply in love with her and would do anything she asked and much more. One day the man and woman had a terrible fight. Even though the woman was wrong she was still very stubborn and would not apologize to the man. The man decided to make it up to her anyway by giving her a gift that would light up her world as much as she lit up his. He searched everywhere for something as beautiful as her until one day when he came across a humble old heron. The heron told him wonderful things of a massive burning orb many miles away from the earth. The man knew he must find this amazing orb and give it to his love. There was no way the man would be able to find this orb on his own so he gathered a million heron to help him do the job. Heron were wise creatures; they would not help the man without something in return and because there was a shortage that year and the man knew plenty techniques they asked for their favorite food, fish. The herons flew thousands of miles in search of the great orb meanwhile the man stayed on earth catching fish. After several months the man grew tired and doubtful but the herons came through with their word when all of a sudden there…