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A Path to Love
By: Sarah Harner, Christina Polovitch, Tetyana Krutsik

Before the Earth was created there was nothing. Empty spaces and darkness went on for miles. Living in this darkness were two lovers, a God named Izanagi and a
Goddess named Izanami. The two heavenly beings were happy in the emptiness because all they needed was each other. Blinded by their love, they failed to notice another God living in the darkness with them. This God’s name was Igni. Igni was in love with Izanami, but she was already in love with Izanagi. This made Igni very angry and jealous. In order to get Izanami to himself, Igni created a prison from his imagination called Earth. This place had nothing but land for miles and miles, and Igni trapped Izanagi there. Igni then created another empty prison called the sky so that they could be together and he could see her all the time. He kept Izanami there with him so he could have her all to himself. Ingi's plan didn't work. Izanami became depressed and was so broken hearted she cried for decades and refused to do anything. At the same time Izanagi wandered forever on Earth until he came upon a woman. This woman introduced herself as Nalu saying that she was created from the forces of love that brought Izanagi and Izanami together. Nalu told Izanagi that if he ever wanted to see
Izanami again, he would have to bind together proof that showed that they loved each other. Izanagi took years to try and prove his love for Izanami but nothing worked.
Izanagi then started to think about Izanami and how he missed her. He missed her so much that he started crying. His tears were falling everywhere, covering the Earth.

Without him noticing his tears and Izanami’s tears from the sky were combining to become a colorful ray of 7 bright, shining colors across the sky that would finally bring them together. When Izanagi had stopped crying he noticed the rainbow and started walking towards it. He touched it and realized that it was solid. Step by step, Izanagi climbed the rainbow until he escaped Earth. Now that Izanagi was in the sky, he ran until he found Izanami and embraced her. Finally in each other’s arms they decided to make sure that they would never be apart. Both of their souls escaped their bodies and became something that would always be together.…