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There are multiple version of how the coming of man was created. Culture and religion are two main beliefs of the creation of man. Although, there a quite a few more beliefs of how the world actually became about, such as evolution, religion is one most people believe in. The Bible and the Torah are two prime examples of the creation of mankind. “The World on a Turtle’s Back” is the Iroquois belief of creation, incompatible to the “The Creation Story” from the bible. The Bible and “The World on a Turtle’s Back” are two very well stories of how the world was created and can make it easy for people to understand. These stories are similar while talking about the topic of creation but differ in multiple ways. Christian’s faith is where one person, known as God, created the world. This is known to be monotheism. “And God said, let there be light; and there was light.” (Genesis 1:3) In the first chapter of Genesis it states how light was the first thing to be created and then night was shortly made afterwards. In later chapters it states how land and water came to be. The creatures and plants soon came after the creation of land and water. The Genesis states that the world was created in only six days and the seventh day was for rest. (Genesis 1) God had created the world in just six days and he needed a break that is why Sunday was created. “The World on a Turtle’s Back”, differing from the bible, started out with a woman wanting her husband to get bark from the roots of the sacred tree. As her husband refused to do this for her she went out and did it herself. The woman ended up falling somehow and tried to hang on to the roots, but the roots and pieces of the Sky-World just fell with her. While the woman was falling sea creatures and birds helped break her fall. As frightened as the woman was, she landed soothing on a turtle’s shell. She was comforted by all of the sea creatures. The woman still clenched roots in her hands and had a bright idea. She sent out to get soil to plant these roots hoping something would grow. “From there, the Earth began to grow.” (World on a Turtle’s Back) She was hoping that she would get the earth to grow this way so she could start a new life since there was no hope in going back to the Sky-World anytime soon. The woman eventually grew impatient and started pacing in a circle. She continued to walk in this circle and this circle is the way the world spins round. Even from the very beginning both stories differs in many ways. If the woman would not have fell downward from the Sky-World the world would not have been created while in the Bible the world would have been created no matter the situation. During the Bible it lets you know how the Earth was made but in “The World on a Turtle’s Back states why the world was created. In the Bible it was pointed out that they focused to be monotheism but in the Iroquois setup to practice polytheism. Polytheism is the belief in multiple Gods. They had different Gods for different things, such as rain god, sun god, or night god. This way no one God had too many tasks and never was overwhelmed with something. In the Bible, there was one God to watch over and protect everything. He still rest of the seventh day and that is why people go to church and praise God on Sundays because he deserves to relax. Although there are differences in the stories, they have several similarities also. Some of the similarities stand out more than other though. For instance, the both tell about the creation of man, and start out with no land or creatures. The sacred tree and the tree of knowledge hurt both of the women. In “The World on a Turtle’s Back” the woman fell to a complete different place. While in the Bible, Eve was cursed and had to leave the Garden of Eden. In “The Creation Story” Eve has two sons, Cain and Abel. The brothers squabble a lot. The twins had so many quarrels that Cain was just to fed up with it all and ends up killing his brother Abel. The woman in…