Creation of a Healthier World through Science Essay

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I care deeply about people around the world; I always believed my ambitions and abilities are best suited to improve health care needs. As I grew up and became more exposed to the field of science and medicine, I’ve gained a greater perspective of it. Rather than just seeing it as simply interesting, I see it as one of the most important areas of study; it prompts the professional to constantly seek out solutions to society's problems. This, specifically, is what attracts me the most to science, because seeking solutions, explanations through scientific knowledge, and making a difference in people’s lives are my passions.
One of the personal qualities I possess and believe is important in the science field is the passion to help others no matter situation. Ever since I was young I have always been first to help others in need of aid. From the great opportunity to travel to the developing country of Nicaragua two build a school for a village to simply volunteering at the Detroit veteran’s center, it has given me the satisfaction of knowing I’ve made a difference in someone’s life and generations to come. I was also able to obtain a two presidential service awards. Science makes people's lives easier every day and it been used to help them. With my passion combined with science I hope to bring a certain degree of security to the unknown.
Academically I have strong analytic and problem solving skills. I am able to view and analyze a situation from a rational and structured outlook. It is a good quality to have and not everyone possesses such features. Problem solving goes hand in hand with the analytical ones. After analyzing a situation, I am able to find a good solution, preferably fast and effective. Currently I work at an afterschool program that serves 72 elementary students. One of the difficulties…