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Stewarts Wine Co. (SWC) is a one of Queensland’s oldest, boutique fine wine merchants that offers a vast range of quality wines, beers and spirits. SWC is situated in the trendy ‘Barracks’ complex in Petrie Terrace (Brisbane, QLD) amongst other boutique shops, cafes and restaurants. SWC are struggling to maintain their customer base while nearby major Liqueur retailers such a Dan Murphy’s and BWS are offering a more competitive price; subsequently hurting SWC’s sales. SWC are attempting to maintain their philosophy of offering superior quality and service with an emphasis on value for money. Their goal is to seek out the best value, boutique (and mainstream) wines for their customers. The focus is always on quality, with a bias towards flavour (rather than investment potential), and always with an eye on reasonable pricing. Being in an inner city suburb surrounded by boutique shops and cafes, the area attracts predominantly middle to upper class professionals aged from 27-43 (Generation X). These consumers are recreational buyers because of their social surroundings, however would normally be brand loyal consumers. Furthermore, they are generally high income earners, socially aware and have traditional tastes. Because the purchases made at SWC are commonly a recreational one, the buyer can be easily persuaded to a cheaper option within such a close proximity. Nevertheless, by reminding these consumers of quality over quantity a transition to a brand loyal buyer is highly achievable given the nature of the consumer’s psycho graphical and behavioural buying patterns.

Why are we advertising?
To remind consumers of the vast range of quality products provided at SWC in conjunction with exceptional service and value for money. To whom are we advertising?
High achieving, social Generation X’s that enjoy quality products, are brand loyal and seek social status. What do they…