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Creative Process John Milton, William Shakespeare, and Leonardo da Vinci, were all artist of the Renaissance. The Renaissance spanned form the fourteen to the seventeen century. It was a cultural movement in literature, science, art, religion, and politics. John Milton was part of the religious part of the Renaissance. His best known work was Paradise Lost. William Shakespeare was a part of the literature part of the Renaissance. He wrote “Romeo and Juliet”. He was widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language. Leonardo da Vinci was an artist who was best known for panting the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper.

The generalization that I would make about John Milton and his creativity would be the use of his personal life and experiences. His own marriage was not a happy one and as you can see he wrote about divorce a lot. I would look at that as genius, because shortly after his feelings were put to page his wife returned home. In his work “Paradise Lost “he talked about the fall of man and the temptation of man, this became one of his best known works. He saw so much even though he was completely blind.

“Romeo and Juliet “was one of the great works by William Shakespeare. It was a play about two people who loved each other but their family did not like each other. Well if Shakespeare was alive today he would be a very rich man. Writing this play back over hundreds of years ago and to have it adapted into modern works many times in history was a great achievement. I do not know if it was planned to touch so many or if it just happened that way but it was genius. The whole tragedy and doomed love lessons came from his life experiences. “Romeo and Juliet” was the most filmed play of all time. In the play he used many dramatic techniques, which gained him praise from his critics. One of the most noticeable shifts was that from comedy to tragedy.

Leonardo da Vinci was a man who was into to a lot of different things, from architecture, sculpture, engineering, geology, hydraulics, and military art. In his spare time he would draw pictures of parachutes and the flying machines. His pictures of the parachute and flying machine were said to look like the ones of the nineteenth and twentieth century. His painting of the “Last Supper” is still one of the most copied paintings. It can be found on everything from mouse pads to mirrors. When he painted the “Last Supper” he used a different kind of paint, which caused it to peel. He painted the paintings because he was paid by the Duke of Milan.

These three men where different in many ways, but they all left a different mark on history. Their Creativity has changed the way we as people do a lot of things today. They all used their own life experiences as a catalyst for their creativity. This form of creativity has been used to teach many students in the arts of literature and painting.

My creative process is a lot like that of many others. I use a lot of my personal likes and dislikes in my creativeness. I write from my heart and I use my surrounding to influence my writing. Yes my generalizations support my own creative process. Yes I believe every creative act has an outcome. It may not be something big or something that makes a huge