Creative: Management and Policy Changes Essay

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1. Creative ways to solve the problem
Creative stages or steps enable the individual to solve the problem, regardless of the nature and its severity. Random thoughts can affect the quality of ideas developed by the individual. Thus, a transformation method needs to be developed and implemented for solving the problem. In order to solve the problem, it is essential to understand the seriousness of the issue. This would help in finding the right solution through which the problem can be solved. The problem associated with the human resource management is quite challenging and has to be handled in the right manner. For this, the below mentioned factors has to be taken into consideration –
a. Preparation - The problem has to be highlighted, as this would help in finding the solution. In this process, different ideas are collected and the relevance of the same is analyzed. Better ideas to handle the management issues are analyzed, and the corrective steps are taken to introduce the changes (Mathieu, Gilson, & Ruddy, 2006
b. Incubation - In this process, the research is done to find the relevance of the data or ideas that has been developed. Through this process, the selection of the right option for the company is done.
c. Illumination – The process includes eliminating the unrequired or not so important essential ideas from the useful one. At the time of selecting the option, the requirement of the company to solve the problem is analyzed. Once this has been done, the management can select the better option.
d. Verification – The selected idea needs to be evaluated as this would help in executing of the tasks in the right manner. For this, the future goals and the current perforce have to be checked (Mathieu, Maynard, Rapp, & Gilson, 2008).
2. Type of changes
Business management change is quite important for the successful business performance. In this case, the nature of change and its impact on the business performance needs to be analyzed. Some of the changes that had positively affected the performance of the company were-
a. Ethical factors – In this method, different ethical factors are considered by the management. It is required to analyses the changes, as this would help in improving the quality of the services that is being rendered by the company. This type of changes is associated with the people change. The changes are meant to encourage the people to work towards the goal achievement. Thus it is related to people change (Mumford, Campion, & Morgeson, 2006).
b. Policy changes – The policy