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Creative Project
Set Designer I have decided to create a different emotion by changing certain elements of the set design. Instead of, pretending to see the sky or be surrounded by the sky I want to bring the sky into the set. I can’t make stars shoot across it but I can place the stage under a sky full of stars. I think this can change the realism between the audience and actors; that could in return change the way the performers act and the audience’s emotional response. The emotional response I want to inspire with audience is love, hope, or empathy. I will not however include the distraction that comes along with the outside because it can take away for the overall theatre experience for the audience. I want to surround the audience with lives of these characters and to make it personal. In order to establish the concept, I have planned to change the location of the play because of I need the sky full of stars. I have decided on Portland, Oregon because of the many known star constellation are in greater than 10. In addition to the location I will change the type of stage used and to add a glass ceiling to the rendering position and to expose the sky while still drowning the sounds and other distraction of the outside, this is called a plastic dome ceiling. Although the ceiling will add natural light it is up to me to center the light in order to have positive effect on the play. I will use mirrors to guide the light to each next focal point in every scene. (Like in the Act 2, Scene 8, where the focal point was the picture)The mirrors will be three sided with the fourth side cover dark paper to absorbed unneeded light given off by the moon and stars that directly hits the stage. I will still have to have some artificial lighting in order to signal a change in the play like a scene or the climax of the scene (Like in Act 2, Scene 6, when the shoe drop from the sky). The reason for changing the following was to emphasize the importance of the stars and the time of day (night) and what happens to these people when they are under them.
Examples from the play include:
Act 1; Scene Her Heart
Woman: Oh, I hope you don’t mind! I’ll only be here tonight I’ll see them tonight. The northern lights. (Stars)