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Throughout the book, we have been trying to answer what the role of media is when it comes to our own world. How do we let it be part of our routine or everyday life actions? Do we let it have such an impact on us? Or has this idea that media should be incorporated into our daily lives just part of who we are as humans? As mentioned in this chapter, “There is a growing sense that the role of media for individuals and for society is problematic…” Scholars feel that we have the power to take action for the media can and should be taken because our understanding of its role has been sufficiently developed. One way that scholars are taken action is to improve on our media literacy. This means to have the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, and communicate messages.
The media literacy movement comes from ideals that scholars have derived from. This movement is based on the need for the audience members to be active, the needs and opportunities of audiences are constrained by access to media and media content, media content can explicitly and explicitly provide a guide for action, we must assess how our interaction with media texts can determine the purpose of interaction, and that people have differing levels of cognitive processing ability for the media. All points agree that the best way to ensure people become more aware with the media is to improve individuals’ media use skills. Even though it is also mentioned in the chapter, I feel as we have grown and our technology uses have progressed it is important for us to develop the ability to critically reflect on the purpose of media and how the media content serves us. It is important for us to understand how to avoid and which media to use for our own benefit. “… we as citizens of a democracy must make good and effective use of our free press. This is media literacy.” All definitions that were discussed specify knowledge, awareness, and rationality. We must learn how to understand sources and