Creative SPARK Test Analysis: Comparison

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Alfred Bishop
APRIL 30,2015

The video I have chosen is titled “Everything is a remix” by Kirby Ferguson, who is also the speaker. The assumption is the fact that all creativity is dependent on the work completed by people who came before us. In Kirby Ferguson's phrases "Everything is a remix", meaning there's nothing new underneath the sun. Ferguson defines the actions involved with making a "remix" of a tune as consisting of just 1) duplicate, 2) change and 3) unite. This includes reproducing each element of the tune, transforming each component in to something "new" and then joining them back in to something new but in line with the tune or songs from before. Ferguson goes to mention why these measures: 1) duplicate, 2) change and 3) unite, would be the fundamental components of imagination. The words were, generally, his, which delivers us to the celebrated folk singer Woody Guthrie and his accept song writing. Woody considered that it had been totally okay to "borrow" a word here and there as long as the words were authentic. Folk singing is largely around telling stories anyhow and Guthrie recognized there are just so many chord changes which you can go through till you're back to the tune you began with.

Kirby Ferguson proceeds along this line of considering by utilizing Henry Ford as still another case to demonstrate his hypothesis that "Everything is a remix". Although Ford didn't invent the car or the assembly-line, he produced and fabricated the very first auto that lots of middle class Americans could manage. Ford steadfastly believed that everything he realized was because of the function of those before him and that he just brought these powers together.
He considers the patent laws, which haven't been altered considerably since they were initially passed in the eighteenth century, must be rewritten to integrate the "Everything is a remix" hypothesis to the regulation of the land.

Among the last factors Kirby Ferguson produced in his presentation was that the old proverb "What Is best for the goose is great for the gander", pertains for this dilemma also. As an instance he employed, to comic effect, an outdated movie from your 90's of Steve Jobs agreeing together with the hypothesis, candidly chatting about how he snitches thoughts constantly and after that comparing this animated and