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sAiL Blaming it on my own A.D.D the life within the village was paradise to me. The crazies all seem to worship my lifestyle, and keeping it fun for the cold early mornings I always could find a new mate to keep warm, but my best times were usually those spent alone. No regrets, just a life worth living and ideas that made me whom I am. My creative imagination was my living, Mastery of Crafting and entertainment in my magic. Magic, this got me in a lot of trouble but not what you would think, not because people accused me of being crazy, but to a much more unlikable level...

It was a crisp calm summertime morning just before sunrise, grey the world was but not for long. Leaving my current girl to rest, I went down to the waterside to clean my face and wash up, moist ground soaking my feet, the air, like nothing else I have ever experienced, the rush it is to take a breath. This is when I find my best state of mind, giving me my motivation for the day, I proceed to adjust and plan the day. Back now to what I called home, (a small shack I hand made) The first thing I did was make her a small breakfast, grab my chisel and hammer, headed to the wood pile grabbing a nice log of oak wood I rested it on the work bench. Today I wanted to do something out of the normal, and not like what I did on a daily basis, but something far more bazar. I then knew the log was not going to be large enough. For my idea was great, so was the amount of wood I would now need. A sculpture of a Bear? No. A new shed, bed, big barn painted red? No.. That I have all done many times before, But for my feet were wet, cold and the world being so mysterious I wanted to fulfill the only dream I had left, but never had fulfilled. I began to spend many days, eating but only the fish I could catch, sleeping little working on my new project. The people of my village were only the small common fok, living off the land and