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Harrison Hoog
Ms. Trevathan
English III H 5th Period
October 29, 2014 It was a nice Sunday afternoon, the new 2014 National Football League season was about to kickoff, but more importantly the 2014 Fantasy Football season was about to kickoff. The league consisted of eight players who were: Henry, Alejandro, Reid, Paco, James, Davies, Ajupong, and Thomas. These eight players are about to embark on a journey like no other; there will be bumps, hiccups, but most importantly a champion. This champion would not be the biggest winner this season, however, there would be a champion crowned not for what he did in the league, but for what he did outside of league. The first game to kickoff would be against bitter rivals; it would be against the Indianapolis Colts and the Houston Texans. This game not only featured Andrew Luck, the hottest quarterback in the NFL for fantasy, but also featured a top five running back in Arian Foster. Nobody expected much from Arian Foster this year, however, because he had surgery during the offseason and was not expected to be ready for opening day of the NFL season. He surprised his doubters and actually came back stronger and more agile than ever before.
It is about five minutes to noon and everybody in the Fantasy league is at Reid and James’s house having a few beers and wings right before kickoff when suddenly Alejandro remembers he forgot to set his lineup after the draft! He immediately sprints towards their computer and logs onto his account as quickly as possible. He, however, forgets that he could be doing this basically instantaneously on his brand new iPhone 6.26 because he is not the brightest in the group. Everybody else is laughing and messing with him because of this rookie mistake; coincidentally this is his first year in the league because he had just recently replaced our dear friend Ted. Ted had passed away because his obsession with bananas became too much to handle and he finally ended up eating too many bananas and passed with none other than a banana right next to his side. Now with only one minute till noon when the lineups locked Alejandro finally logged onto the computer not realizing he still had to log into his account. Alejandro realized how little time he had left and so Henry, the commissioner of the league, helped him out with his little problem by setting his lineup from his phone, however, to Alejandro’s surprise once he finally had logged in realized that Henry had dropped every single one of his players. Alejandro, being the weenie he is, went to the bathroom and cried his eyes out. To his amazement when he got the weekly email it had said that he had won.
Alejandro went downstairs to talk to the folks that who were still there after being hung-over from the previous night and loudly screamed,” How dare you pull this prank on me! What have I ever done to you all to deserve this?” Henry and Davies responded confused by both the question and the alcohol,” What are you talking about? Henry dropped all of your players yesterday afternoon?” Alejandro replied,” I thought he did as well. I guess someone must have added them back for me or something?” They sat there pondering for a minute and realized that this must have been a dream!
During the creation of the league it was stated that a punishment must be given to the person who got last place. This year’s punishment was quite and caused great pain to Paco. Paco was forced to create his own company but he had no restrictions. Paco created his company called Paco Corp. This corporation came up with the oddest, most stupid inventions anyone has ever seen in their life. One of these inventions was the tissue towel. The tissue towel was a towel that was made out of tissues and dried the person off after a shower or a quick dip in the pool, however, this invention was only good for one use and after that it had to be replaced. Paco needed workers, however, to help construct this great