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How might you use the strategies for applying creativity to problems & issues?
There are several strategies that would work when it comes to eliminating bullying in schools. A novel approach to dealing with bullies would be to make them spend time doing something that would build their compassion for human beings and others feelings. They could spend time helping the needy or learning about things such as poverty and abuse. This may change their perspective and make them realize that people struggle enough without being bullied. The most popular consequence of bullying is being punished with things such as detention or suspension. His may just provoke the bully to continue the abuse towards their victim. Instead we should dig to the root of the problem which may be a lack of compassion or a lack of self-esteem and address these issues at their core. By thinking critically and being creative a more effective method of eliminating bullying can be found and bullying in schools will dwindle.
How might you use the strategies for promoting curiosity?
There are several strategies that could be used to instill curiosity about the issue of bullying. First, the word bullying should be redefined as abuse. When such a strong word comes in to play it is bound to gain some attention. Second, facts should be represented about the detrimental effects of bullying such as suicide, drug addiction, depression and anxiety. This is certain to promote curiosity because the word “bullying” is outdated and has a tendency to be brushed off as something that is not so serious, but when you start talking about things that are much more serious such as death and mental illness then people will want to learn more about the connection. Getting students involved by starting conversation that will result in unanswered questions is a sure way to promote curiosity as well. When someone has unanswered questions about something then will be more eager to learn more.
How might you use the various methods for producing ideas to