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An ordinary morning on top of our extraordinary hill is active like any other. A large ball of fire is making its entrance from behind our majestic hill signalling another start of a beautiful day. The early morning sun cast its first rays in every direction from the tree’s on the south of the hill all round to the north were the hill slopes down to the suburbs. A silvery mist cloaked the land as dewdrops glistening on the blades of grass gradually making its presence seen in the new light of the day in the backyards and the near by playground. The glorious glow from the sun lit up the morning. Faded colours of blue and orange painted the picture perfect morning sky. Muffled noise of cars zooming past would awake those who were still rising from their sleep to endure the day. The chirping of the birds was loud enough to even awake the dead. There are adults going to work, there are children getting ready for school and toddlers screaming for breakfast. But The grandparents are calm and collected who have learnt over the years how to deal with the morning chaos of a working day. Instead of worrying about the upcoming worries of city life they just sit and admire the great view, a benefit of being so high up above everyone else. They marvel at the slow ripples of the sea down below and stop just to inhale the smell of morning freshness that a new day brings. With the rising sun brings a calm cold and fresh feeling. Calm and safe is a good way to describe the feeling of Strathmore during the day. Although when the sun has departed it is a different scene. During the night you notice that the sidewalk has been chipped and fractured. The…