Creative Thinking Essay

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Theodore Pappas
Ms. Gay
AP Lang/Comp
5 March 2015
Dear school board, today our world is being bombarded with situations where people of a similar thinking style aren’t able to find a way to efficiently assist in. What these people are lacking is a unique method of creative thinking skills to help assist them in these manners. People develop creative thinking skills at an early age, however society has nowadays created a uniform way of thinking causing these developed creative thinking skills to slowly diminish. While some people may argue that schools should not explicitly teach creative thinking because it can distract students from other studies, I stand by the notion that the creation of a class teaching creative thinking skills to students because students get express themselves, deal with real world situations, and ultimately change the world. Creativity has helped mankind create the world we live in today, but with society becoming so alike and uniform, creativity is on its downside. By incorporating a creativity class in our school system, students would be able to express themselves and really show what they can truly offer. Students sometimes try to hide who they are in the inside which can unfortunately cause stress and depression. Creative thinking classes will assist students in becoming more comfortable in school and most importantly with who they are. When I was a child, I had fallen in love with animals and I would basically draw them in a little notebook I had. However, I was scared to express what I really enjoyed to do to everyone because I thought I would get picked
Pappas 2 on and bullied. The fear ultimately got me a bit depressed and I stopped creatively thinking on my own and what I loved to do. This class can help students avoid the fears like the ones I had when I was a child. Not only does the creation of a class on creative thinking help students feel comfortable in expanding their creative skills, but this class can help students create skills that they need to help them in the real world. Creative skills give some people a edge with managing a situation and with multiple creative people working together, some really great things can be achieved. According to IBM, 1,500 CEOs identified creativity as the number one leadership competency of the future. CEOs are not who they are just because they are intelligent and wealthy, they actually became so successful because they where creative thinkers. To have students learn these important life-changing skills in an early…