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As you entered the dark and mysterious room of Cue 8 pool and Billiards, you wonder how you could have ended up in a place like this. The atmosphere was clustered and dark leaving no opportunities for light to travel inside the building.
Outside, the walls came alive with colourful creative graffiti that overlapped each other but blended smoothly within the big picture. The entrance was small but like a cave and as you walked in you could feel the black paint on the walls swarming over you. As you make your way inside, the atmosphere which used to be light suddenly became dark and murky. The scent had instantly changed from fresh air to the oily smell of Chinese takeaway or the continuous amounts of smoke that filled the air. If you just came from eating in Chinatown or had been shopping, you immediately felt the intensity as thousands of eyes gaze upon you like it was the final quarter of the premiership AFL match.
The sound coming from within intensifies as you walk past the tables, seeing multiple balls collide with each other like a chain of car crashes. You hear random voices which vary between “YES!” to “DAMN! I hit the 8 ball”. As you slowly make your way down to your pool table, you could hear the quiet conversations and the loud music pumping in the background. The eyes that were looking at you all along had finally drifted away as you began to start the game. The pool sticks were stuck along the wall like a wooden picket fence. The atmosphere