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I glanced at the toy that my parents brought for me, a small symbol of their love for me. My parents are always busy, neglecting me, as they travel around the world leaving me behind in this huge empty house. I stroked the soft fur of the toy my parents bought me, the only companion I have, alone in this isolated house.

I vividly remember at that time when we had a maths test and I had the second highest in my class. Excitedly, I showed my mum my result and I thought she would be elated at my achievement, but her response only brought tears to my eyes. She was furious at me not being able to get the highest score in my class. “I have to pay for you to go to so many tutors and this is what I get? You are wasting valuable money. What’s the point of your dad and myself working so hard day and night and earning money for you, to give you better education and become the best in the class?” My mum moaned. My heart sank. Little did she realize that I’d rather choose to see her and dad more than seeing tutor after tutor every day, who mean nothing to me. My parents care about my education, but they never go to school events, like parent’s interviews and school trips. Because they are forever busy. When I see all my classmates who are supported by their parents at school I felt like an orphan.

The fateful days at camp, made me view my parents in differently. It was a mission to get my parents to sign the permission slip for going to the camp; tantrums do not help, days and weeks of begging and pleading them to allow me to go to the camp everyone else have got their parents signed and returned their permission slip, but me, why? My parents were neurotic, “camp is unsafe” “days away from home without us around you may lead some accident.” Finally after month’s persuasion, they finally signed.

On the day of the camp, they were reluctant to send me to the bus. My parents called me at night and asked how the condition of the camp. We had talked for at least hour, which is the longest time we had