Creative Writing Class Analysis

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Before starting this creative writing class I have had very little experience with poetry. Now I have learned many terms, skills and techniques during this quarter which has helped me grow as a writer. I have poems I have now written and am proud of; I have also learned so much though the whole process of sharing in class and reading others works. As a writer I still struggle very much in some departments and I am hoping to continue writing.
Before starting this creative writing poetry class; I hadn’t had much experience with writing poetry. In high school I would write some poetry for my English classes; we would have about a week of poetry and that was it. I knew little to no terms when it came to poetry and knew almost no poets besides Shakespeare. I also had taken a creative writing class in high school but that was for fiction writing and we only did a little bit of poetry when we had a poet come talk to us. I believe we had two poets come and talk to us but at that point in my life I was not very interested in poetry so I didn’t get much from the poets who came and talked to my class.
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Now I know that I prefer writing in free verse, so I am not restricted by meter and rhyming and I also like to create an image through the entire poem. I also know more terms when talking about poetry like a blank verse which is a verse with an unrhymed iambic pentameter or the term foot when talking about poetry is one stressed and unstressed syllable. Also through the reading and class discussions I have picked up some techniques for writing, like nature walks to inspire, and writing down lines that pop into my head so I’ll have them later and may be able to write off of that sentence or