Creative Writing: Log Home

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'Every year...' I muttered under my breath as I throughly searched the log house. I knew I had to find him. I knew I had to find him, because if I didn't and mum found out about it, she would have my head and that would be the end of Lily Spencer, or in other words, me. The girl who's mother found out her son went missing when his big sister was supposed to be looking after him.

My little brother Toby, does this every year. Whenever we go to the log house, he runs off into the forest without telling anyone. So it's always my job to find him, since technically I'm the 'responsible' one. I'm meant to be looking after him. Whenever he just runs off with out him telling anyone, you can't really blame me, but if mum finds out that he's gone missing
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I couldn't duck out of the way fast enough and its claws latch onto the skin of my arm, its claws dragging as it tried to fly away.

Thankfully the cut wasn't deep and I was able to drag my traumatised brother out of the cave, back in the direction of the tree. Again I dropped the tackle gear and claimed the tree to see which direction the log house was in. From there I continued in that direction where I could bring my little explorer home, dumping the bait for another animal to find.

'Lily! Toby! Is that you?' My mum came racing out of the house. 'I was so worried about you! You two were gone for a very long time.' She scolded

'Mum, chill we're fine. We just got a little... Lost on the way back home.' I said while glaring at Toby not to say anything.

'Well that's good. Did you catch any fish?' I froze and Toby looked at me in confusion.

'Umm, yeah, no we didn't, but we saw these black, big, flying fish that jumped out of the water,' mum looked to the baseball bat, 'that we hit...' She then looked to my arm, 'and The fish had spines which scraped me.' I said while scratching the back of my neck. Toby and I slowly inching closer to the stair case where we were trying to escape to our