Creative Writing: Lucinda

Words: 461
Pages: 2

On June 9, Lucinda was on vacation with her friends, Mary and Elsa. Mary and Elsa are Lucinda friendliest. And Lucinda wants to go to the park, Mary and Elsa are accompanied Lucinda. But Mary and Elsa are not very like Lucinda, because Lucinda is not very nice, and she likes to discriminate and bully other people, and overbearing, so Lucinda is a very very bad student in the school, and teachers also don’t like Lucinda. No student wants to play with Lucinda, but Mary and Elsa are good students, teachers like them, and teacher said to Mary and Elsa, “Don’t play with Lucinda, she is a bad student, if you play with Lucinda, I am afraid you will become Lucinda”. But Mary and Elsa don’t think so teacher said like they, they both think, people can be good. Now we look they talk in the park… …show more content…
Lucinda cheered, “yay~ we are free, we don’t have the homework, and Annoying teacher.” “Mary denied, don’t say like they, is not good, we a culture person, is not a bad student.”
Lucinda “Disdain,“ explained, “OK,OK, I don’t care, I don’t like the teacher, always talking to me, balabala, I hate like this...” “Elsa mild, I don’t want you to be a bad student.” “Lucinda helpless, find… “ “Elsa happy, I want to play the slide, can you play with me, just myself is so bored.” “Mary natural, ok, Lucinda play let’s play together.” “Lucinda neutral,ok, find, let’s play