Creative Writing On Metamorphosis

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Matt Maiers
Mrs. Ramer
Creative Writing
30 March 2015

It sent shivers down my spine. Then, I looked outside. The moon stared back at me. It seemed to be pulling me toward the brightness of its light in the night sky. I got out of my bed and trudged toward the window. Now, I seemed to be staring at a face in the sky. Then, I felt my skin start to burn. I held my head and fell toward the mirror. I took my hands away from my head and clutched the dresser tightly. My mouth and my tongue felt weird. I opened my mouth to see horrifying fangs baring back at me. My eyes widened in horror. My hands started to hurt. I looked down to see my fingernails cracking open. I watched in horror as claws slowly crawled out from underneath, making blood start to drip from my fingertips. I held my hands up to my eyes and felt a crack in my spine. My head suddenly whiplashed and I let out a growl of pain. It hurts! I thought. It was torturous! My stomach felt weird. I looked down to see it push in. My chest pushed out as if it was becoming muscular. I was focused on this though. I was focused on this feeling. It felt really familiar. I suddenly directed my focus on the feeling to see that I was now on my hands and knees. I grabbed the dresser and pulled myself up to see my reflection. My face was...horrible. My hair was long and coarse, down to my mid back, my teeth looked savage enough to rip and cut through human flesh, and my eyes were black on the outside, and yellow covering my pupils. Also, thick, bristly hair seemed to grow on my arm and the sides of my face. I realized that I was growing fur! No, this isn't me, I thought bitterly. This isn't who I am! Questions were whirring around in my brain. I thought I was going insane. I watched in the mirror in terror as my ears traveled to the top of my head and


began to stretch and point up at the