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The crowd was hushed, silent, there was not a sound to be heard in whole the sold out 100,000 seat stadium. In fact it was so quiet that one could hear the subtle thumping of a heart beat and the now seemingly loud rustling of the grass. It was a Saturday night game, the last of the season, and our undefeated football team was to this point an unstoppable force, one of which, teams would cower at the mere speaking of our name. This night we were facing our cross town rivals, the eagles, in a match up that was not only vital to our completion of our first undefeated season but also because of necessary bragging rights on the line. A little more than half through the fourth quarter though, it was looking as if all of our hard work through this magical 12 game season wasn’t good enough, because we were down 40 to 32 to our rivals in our most important game of the year. We needed to turn this game around and fast because tick, tick, tick, time was quickly running out, and with each second we began to accept deeper and deeper our fate. Realizing this, I swiftly called for time and the ref blew the whistle to signal a stop in play.” Pick your heads up, it’s not over!” coach Golden shouted, “Show a sense of urgency out there, you all have worked far too hard to let this game slip away.” Coach was right, all those countless hours we spent in the weight room and the innumerable days spent on the field during the dog days of summer were not for nothing and they couldn’t be. Beep beep, went the whistle to return to the field. We all made a mad dash back to the field with that sense of urgency that coach had taught us to have from day one. I called for the ball, “Down, Set, Hike” I screamed, the center handed me the ball. I dropped back into the