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English Creative Writing Homework
A tongue of electric yellow lightening snaked its way across the sky, which was thick with charcoal grey clouds. The moon, which was once hiding behind the clouds, came out of hiding and shone a silvery spotlight onto a dilapidated old castle. TWIT TWOO! CREAK! BOOM! Unexplained sounds filled the once quiet air, terrifying any creature which stumbled, innocently, into the castle grounds. A taste of fear hung in the air. Angry icy winds tore through the atmosphere, battering trees and carrying droplets of bitter cold water. The bare trees groaned under the strain of the wind. THUD! SQUELCH! A small, thin, crooked tree had given up the constant battle against the howling winds and dropped on to the soggy, marsh like earth. In the castle itself, the tall oak doors banged as if an angry mob was trying to break in. Strange sounds echoed through the building, bouncing off of the stone walls and reverberating through the air. The stone floor was freezing and it chilled any soul which walked upon it. A strange groan filled the air followed by a shrill scream. Pictures of ancient people cluttered the grey walls giving a feeling of unease, as if you were being watched.
Upstairs was filled with bed rooms which contained only single beds except for the strange sounds like children laughing or boots echoing off of the naked floors. The bedrooms were neighboured by narrow corridors which seemed to stretch for miles and twisted into a labyrinth. The