Creative Writing: The First World War

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The sun rose like a gleaming beacon above the encapsulating white walls of New Haven. It’s light burnt off the fresh morning dew that had settled over night. The glow of the morning rejuvenated the dull, concrete jungle many called home. The warmth of a new day chased away the remnants of winter. The past season had been a difficult one for many and had droned on longer than most. Yet, finally, spring had returned in it’s full glory. Everywhere new life bloomed. Leaves sprouted off the branches of trees, flowers blossomed, and bird song filled the air. For once, a child born in this era could catch a glimpse of what the old world used to be like. There were even some who had lived before the end that had forgotten the simple joys of an early …show more content…
Victorious, People’s Republic claimed control over the continent. That was when foreign enemies turned their attention towards floundering country like wolves circling a wounded deer. The world powers, swiftly, took sides and allied themselves against each other in preparation for what many hoped to be the ‘Last War’. Tensions rose for over a decade until Russia nuked Great Britain. After that, the machine of war could not be halted and its rage engulfed the entire planet. Not that the war mattered anymore; not when the end had wiped the majority of the human race off the face of the planet and people were more concerned with …show more content…
Flying over the pavement, her longboard sped as quickly as it could. Sweat began to bead on her brow as she peddled her foot to propel her board to forward. Crouching down, she folded her small frame until she was kneeling on the board, the aerodynamic position allowed her to pick up speeds she normally wouldn’t have attempted sober. But she couldn’t afford to play it safe if she didn’t wish to be any later.

Dirty blonde hair whipped across her face as she checked her wrist watch before glancing down the street. Gritting her teeth, she knew she’d be in for an ass-chewing when she finally showed up. Despite first impressions, she’d never been late before. Her apartment wasn’t too far away from where she worked. The buildings were only just a few blocks apart and nearly identical in appearance. In an odd way, it felt like she was coming home after a long day of work and the day hadn’t even begun. At this rate, she was sure work was going to be