Creative Writing: The House Of The Police

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Shayna Shayna has just been appointed to be the police. She is very nice towards others and she works very hard. One day, while she was walking home like the other days and as she passes her neighborhood's garage she saw a group of guys in the corner around the garage with a very huge box are secretly whispering something to each other as if they’re planning on doing something bad. From the police’s perspective,
Shayna was very suspective of the group of guys so she walked towards them slowly and quietly. Shayna asked the guys :” Who are you guys over there, and what are you guys doing?” The guys doesn’t seems to be nervous, instead, they smiled calmly at
Shayna. One of the guys replied: “ We are here to find a friend but we don’t know how to get into the house of my friends.We tried to ring the doorbell but no one respond.”
Shayna said: “ Since you guys are looking for your friends then what is this huge box all about?” The guys were shocked and feels very anxious and uncomfortable after what Shayna said to them. Shayna waited a little while but they still haven’t answered her question so she went forward toward the box. Suddenly, the group of guys gets very anxious and angry at Shayna. One of the guys shouted: “ Who do you think you are, don’t you dare touch the box.” Shayna was surprised by their reactions so she pulled out her identification and prove to them that she was a police. The guys were in a big shock and they gets horrified. Suddenly, one of the guys pulled out a rope from behind and tries to tie her up. However, they didn’t know that before Shayna was a police, she used to be a

Taiquando coach and she had won so many games. So as the guy goes towards
Shayna, she dodged him in a very fast speed and beat him up in less then three moves.
Later, all the guys gets very mad and they all comes towards her, but it was a piece of cake for Shayna, all the guys were defeated in less than five minutes. However, during their battles, Shayna uses too much force and accidently kick open the mystery box that was very important to the guys. Surprisingly, Shayna saw what stored in the box was many bottles that looks the same and the